Swiss Bork Ultra Spray D3-K2 , 20ml


Item form Liquid
Specific uses for product Printed on Box
Unit count 20ml 
Number of items 1

About this item

  • Enhanced Bioavailability: Our SWISS BORK Ultra D3, K2(MK4 & MK7) SPRAY delivers superior absorption of vitamin D3 and K2, ensuring optimal utilization and effectiveness.
  • Vitamin D3 for Bone Health: The spray provides a potent dose of vitamin D3, essential for calcium absorption, promoting strong bones, and supporting overall skeletal health.
  • Synergistic K2 (MK4 & MK7) Support: Our formula includes both forms of vitamin K2, MK4 and MK7, which work synergistically to support cardiovascular health, bone mineralization, and calcium distribution.
  • Convenient Spray Format: The SPRAY delivery system offers convenience and ease of use. Simply spray directly into the mouth for efficient absorption, bypassing the need for capsules or tablets.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Crafted with high-quality ingredients, our Ultra D3, K2(MK4 & MK7) SPRAY/DAMLA ensures potency, purity, and superior bioavailability, providing optimal support for vitamin D3 and K2 needs.


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